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Taquile Island

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At approximately 35 km by boat (be careful of sunburns during the trip) from Puno and of approximately 7 km in its biggest length, it's the dream island: no hotels, no roads, no electricity, no cars, not even bicycles or dogs.

The island visit in just one day could be very exhausting, because of the trip by boat (6 hours round trip), the 533 steps to climb to get to the village and because of the altitude. Pre-Inca's terraces and small ruins demarcate the territory and the many alleys that will keep you busy.

The community of 1.200 Indians is very welcoming and tourism hasn't changed yet the way of life of this people of another time, dressed with traditional clothing and speaking only Quechua.

It's an island that has learned to preserve a great ethnic and cultural value and also the traditions of textile handcraft. For the tourist willing to spend the night, families offer hospitality in their homes. To eat, we find restaurants de fortune where you can only eat what is available: fresh trout for the lucky ones, boiled potatoes for the others. People live in community and have a strong cohesion; the distribution of cultures and gathering is made according to each one's needs.

Some men have a hat with a white edge, which means that they are single.