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The Sacsayhuaman surrounding area (on 3.000 hectares) is wonderful. On the road that goes from Cuzco to the site (at 2 km), you will discover a superb panorama. Sacsayhuaman is an Inca "fortress", very famous for its stone blocks (some weigh several dozens of tons) so well fitted (without using any mortar) that it's almost impossible to put a needle in between. The fortifications that surrounded Cuzco, the Inca capital, were there to protect and reinforce the Inca's control. We are really stupefied by these three gigantic walls, arranged in zigzag levels.

The presence of a ceremonial center on the top makes us think that it could have been more a temple than a fortress! In fact, how could anybody explain this defense lines so massive... against slings, arcs and arrows (and when you think about the technical feat you need to have to carry all these blocks!)?

This structure has resisted all these years, in spite of several earthquakes.