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Paracas & Ballestas Islands

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At 18 km from Pisco and 288 km from Lima by the Pan-American, Paracas, it's a small fishing harbor, with beaches, two hotels, some restaurants and marvelous villas. It's from there that leave the boats for the Ballestas islands. It's a stroll of about 4 hours. On the way, you can admire the gigantic and marvelous candelabra, draw on the bank by the Paracas. Visible only from the sea, it's a useful landmark for the cap-Horner's sailing towards southern seas.

The Ballestas islands are overpopulated by seals, penguins, petrels, cormorants and other aquatic birds, which produce guano, known by Incas, who exploited it. At the beginning, because of the intensive extraction of guano, in 1870, the deposit layer only measured less than 30 meters.

Paracas is also a natural reserve classified in 1975, with beaches that are among the more beautiful in Peru.

To fully enjoy the stroll, think of taking a good sweatshirt.