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FAQ - Security

I am a woman alone. Is Peru dangerous?

Peru is a poor country. Like all the poor countries, zero risk does not exist. People try to leave their misery, sometimes by all means, even theft. To say that Peru is as safe as taking breakfast with the republican guard in Paris is false of course. It is not a very dangerous country though. People who knew this country 8 years ago or more will affirm the opposite. Meanwhile, the country has become stable, the leaders of terrorist groups were arrested, the corruption very clearly decreased and the police force is omnipresent.

In brief: you can come to Peru without problems. Some precautions nonspecific to Peru are essential in a general way: avoid certain areas, do not leave the cities at night, do not walk around with a $ 1000 Rolex, do not have a wad of dollars sticking out of the pocket, etc. All the details are in this site, Recommendations page.

I arrive to the airport in Peru late in the evening. It is risky to take a taxi?

No. Simply respect at least some precautions:

I do not have a hotel reservation in Lima. Where to go?

The most secure and nice neighborhood in Lima is Miraflores. The route from the airport is almost a straight line, all lighted up. It takes around 40 min, $10 US.

Can I get a little stock of marijuana in Peru?

Peru is really a big cocaine producer and coca leaves are sold freely but every drug, light or not, are completely illegal, the use and the "exportation". In Peru you can go to jail if you don't stop on a red light.... So it's better to be a prevented user.