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Peruvian Cordilleras

The Cordillera Apolobamba is at the northwestern end of the Bolivian Cordillera Real. In Peru, it extends about 35 km east between lat 14░35' and 14░45'S. and long 69░14' and 69░34'W. The glacierized area, estimated from Landsat images, covers 102 km². The highest peak, Nevado Ananea, is at 5,852 m asl. The drainage is both south into the Titicaca basin and north into the Atlantic Ocean by RÝo Inambari. The next figure shows this area on a Landsat image.

Landsat image of Cordillera Apolobamba
Section of an annotated Landsat image of the Cordillera Apolobamba area. The glacierized area, estimated from Landsat images, is 102 km². The cordillera continues into Bolivia as the Cordillera Real. Landsat 2 MSS image (2187-13565, band 7; 28 July 1975; Path 1, Row 70) from EROS Data Center, Sioux Falls, S. Dak.