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These pages are a selection of 262 Peruvian artists. You can listen a sample of every song and, if you wish, you can download it from iTunes. We hope that our selection will make you discover and appreciate the richness of Peruvian music. Have a nice listening.

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Musics from: Puno
    Name Artist Album Time Ranking Price  
1Ataypura (High Andes)Yma SumacThe Very Best Of Yma Sumac3:03
€ 0.99 Buy
2Llando del Indio (Cachullapi - Ecuador)Orquesta AchalayMúsica de los Andes (Musica de Bolivia, Peru, Ecua...3:18
US$ 0.99 / € 0.99 Buy
3Virgenes Del SolYma SumacThe Imma Sumack Sessions3:22
US$ 0.99 / € 0.99 Buy
4Negrito del AltiplanoAlturasFestejo...desde la Piel (Música Afroperuana, Andin...3:57
US$ 0.99 / € 0.99 Buy
5Puno queridoWilliam LunaComo Si No Supiera3:43
US$ 0.99 / € 0.99 Buy
6The Hummingbird (El Picaflor)Yma SumacQueen Of Exotica2:19US$ 0.99 Buy
7The Hummingbird (El Picaflor)Yma SumacQueen Exotica (Original Recordings - Remastered)2:16€ 0.99 Buy
8Balsero del Titicaca / El PicaflorAmanda PortalesSiempre Primera3:09US$ 0.99 / € 0.99 Buy
9The Hummingbird (El Picaflor)Yma SumacYma Sumac: Virgin of the Sun God2:19€ 0.99 Buy
10El PicaflorLos QuechuasFlautas del Altiplano2:35US$ 0.99 / € 0.99 Buy
11The Hummingbird (El Picaflor)Yma SumacQueen Of Exotica2:19€ 0.99 Buy