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Yma Sumac

Genre: , ,
Release date: Jan. 25, 2011
X5 Music Group
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    Name Artist Time Price  
1Gopher MamboYma Sumac2:20album only  
2Bo MamboYma Sumac3:24album only  
3KuyawayYma Sumac2:44album only  
4Malambo No. 1Yma Sumac2:55album only  
5AtaypuraYma Sumac3:02album only  
6BirdsYma Sumac3:01album only  
7Taita IntyYma Sumac3:04album only  
8MontanaYma Sumac3:39album only  
9Goomba BoombaYma Sumac4:12album only  
10Najala's LamentYma Sumac3:17album only  
11Indian CarnivalYma Sumac2:31album only  
12JunglaYma Sumac2:24album only  
13Wak'AiYma Sumac2:29album only  
14Cholitas PunenasYma Sumac2:18album only  
15Amor IndioYma Sumac2:20album only  
16Suray SuritaYma Sumac3:20album only  
17WayraYma Sumac3:03album only  
18Chicken TalkYma Sumac3:08album only  
19Cholo TraicioneroYma Sumac2:56album only  
20MonosYma Sumac2:39album only  
21WimowehYma Sumac2:43album only  
22MalayaYma Sumac3:27album only  
23Indian Dance of the CuzcoYma Sumac3:23album only  
24A Ti Solita Te QuieroYma Sumac2:19album only  
25The SirenYma Sumac3:03album only  
26No Es VidaYma Sumac2:22album only  
27Cumbe-MaitaYma Sumac3:06album only  
28Virgenes Del SolYma Sumac3:24album only  
29Kon TikiYma Sumac3:08album only  
30BabalúYma Sumac2:52album only  
31Najala's Song Of JoyYma Sumac1:19album only  
32XtabayYma Sumac3:16album only  
33WitalliaYma Sumac2:20album only  
34Five Bottles MamboYma Sumac2:47album only  
35RipuiYma Sumac3:00album only  
36Taki RariYma Sumac1:54album only  
37La BenitaYma Sumac2:47album only  
38K'ArawiYma Sumac3:19album only  
39El PicaflorYma Sumac2:20album only  
40Llulla Mak'taYma Sumac2:26album only  
41Calls of the AndesYma Sumac3:11album only  
42ChunchoYma Sumac3:40album only  
43Carnavalito BolivianoYma Sumac2:04album only  
44MamallayYma Sumac2:58album only  
45Accla TaquiYma Sumac2:43album only  
46CholadasYma Sumac2:33album only  
47Un AmorYma Sumac1:41album only  
48Cha Cha GitanoYma Sumac3:51album only  
49IncachoYma Sumac3:06album only  
50Karibe TakiYma Sumac3:06album only  
51Que Lindos OjosYma Sumac2:18album only  
52TumpaYma Sumac3:18album only  
53LamentYma Sumac3:19album only  
54ZañaYma Sumac2:04album only  
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