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Jaime Cuadra

Genre: , ,
Release date: 2008
Quadrasonic Ideas
US$ 9.99
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    Name Artist Time Price  
1Alma, Corazón y Vida (Remixed By Jaime Cuadra)Jaime Cuadra8:51US$ 0.99 Buy
2Propiedad Privada (Remixed By Andres Dyer)Jaime Cuadra6:39US$ 0.99 Buy
3El Tamalito (Remixed By Israel Vich)Jaime Cuadra6:37US$ 0.99 Buy
4La Vais Créole (Remixed By Christian Berger)Jaime Cuadra6:16US$ 0.99 Buy
5San Miguel de Piura (Remixed By Rodrigo Lozano)Jaime Cuadra6:55US$ 0.99 Buy
6Vals Te Quiero Libre (Remixed By Kike Mayor)Jaime Cuadra8:29US$ 0.99 Buy
7Cariño Malo (Remixed By Assad Saccin)Jaime Cuadra7:32US$ 0.99 Buy
8La Noche de Tu Ausencia (Remixed By Eduardo Neyra)Jaime Cuadra5:52US$ 0.99 Buy
9Negra (Remixed By Oscar Bhorquez)Jaime Cuadra4:29US$ 0.99 Buy
10La Campesina (Remixed By DJ Valber - Brazil)Jaime Cuadra7:30US$ 0.99 Buy
11Cardo O Ceniza (Remixed By Rodrigo Lozano)Jaime Cuadra6:05US$ 0.99 Buy
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