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These pages are a selection of 262 Peruvian artists. You can listen a sample of every song and, if you wish, you can download it from iTunes. We hope that our selection will make you discover and appreciate the richness of Peruvian music. Have a nice listening.

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Genre: , ,
Release date: Jul. 22, 2008
Caracola Records
US$ 9.99
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    Name Artist Time Price  
1Canta CorazonGianmarco3:55US$ 0.99 Buy
2Hasta Que Vuelvas ConmigoGianmarco3:26US$ 0.99 Buy
3Hasta Que la Vida PaseGianmarco3:11US$ 0.99 Buy
4Tu FotografiaGianmarco4:31US$ 0.99 Buy
5Mientras TantoGianmarco3:30US$ 0.99 Buy
6Tengo GanasGianmarco3:19US$ 0.99 Buy
7Me Canse de TiGianmarco4:30US$ 0.99 Buy
8Parte de Este JuegoGianmarco4:52US$ 0.99 Buy
9Sentirme VivoGianmarco3:24US$ 0.99 Buy
10TodaviaGianmarco3:49US$ 0.99 Buy
11HoyGianmarco4:37US$ 0.99 Buy
12LamentoGianmarco4:24US$ 0.99 Buy
Corazón Serrano
Release date: Mar. 01, 2016
Leader Music, bajo licencia de Lorenzo Guerrero Neyra
US$ 8.99
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    Name Artist Time Price  
1Resignado A Tu AmorCorazón Serrano3:41US$ 0.99 Buy
2Claro que Te AmoCorazón Serrano4:19US$ 0.99 Buy
3Todo TerminóCorazón Serrano4:38US$ 0.99 Buy
4Rogando Por TiCorazón Serrano3:20US$ 0.99 Buy
5Mejor Alejarme De TiCorazón Serrano3:27US$ 0.99 Buy
6Cariño VuelveCorazón Serrano3:48US$ 0.99 Buy
7Mi Primera Vez Y PerdíCorazón Serrano3:37US$ 0.99 Buy
8Traicionero AmorCorazón Serrano3:18US$ 0.99 Buy
9Muriendo Por VerteCorazón Serrano4:02US$ 0.99 Buy
10El Final De Éste AmorCorazón Serrano3:52US$ 0.99 Buy
11No Lloro Por CobardeCorazón Serrano3:25US$ 0.99 Buy
12Corazón No Me DestruyasCorazón Serrano3:36US$ 0.99 Buy
13Hazle Caso Al CorazónCorazón Serrano4:02US$ 0.99 Buy
14Cómo Te Voy A OlvidarCorazón Serrano4:02US$ 0.99 Buy
15Volver A EmpezarCorazón Serrano4:12US$ 0.99 Buy
16Que Diera YoCorazón Serrano4:19US$ 0.99 Buy
17Nos CriticanCorazón Serrano3:51US$ 0.99 Buy
Spirit of Peru
Release date: Nov. 01, 2005
Red Sauce Records
US$ 7.99
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    Name Artist Time Price  
1CacharpayaSpirit of Peru2:47US$ 0.99 Buy
2Carnaval ArequipenoSpirit of Peru3:05US$ 0.99 Buy
3El Condor PasaSpirit of Peru3:00US$ 0.99 Buy
4Estrelita del SurSpirit of Peru3:40US$ 0.99 Buy
5Sketches of the AndesSpirit of Peru3:05US$ 0.99 Buy
6Danza de los PepinosSpirit of Peru2:49US$ 0.99 Buy
7La CadenaSpirit of Peru1:46US$ 0.99 Buy
8Sikuri de DiabladaSpirit of Peru3:10US$ 0.99 Buy
9Song of the AndesSpirit of Peru3:57US$ 0.99 Buy
10Danza AymaraSpirit of Peru3:34US$ 0.99 Buy
11Chi MaiSpirit of Peru3:42US$ 0.99 Buy
12Flor de PotosiSpirit of Peru3:25US$ 0.99 Buy
13FiestaSpirit of Peru2:37US$ 0.99 Buy
14Chinito LocoSpirit of Peru4:00US$ 0.99 Buy
15Spirit of the AmazonSpirit of Peru4:09US$ 0.99 Buy
16Danza de los CaporalesSpirit of Peru3:43US$ 0.99 Buy
Pedro "Periquin" Castro
Release date: Nov. 21, 2011
Meta/ Tres Jotas
US$ 9.99
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    Name Artist Time Price  
1Campana Sobre CampanaPedro "Periquin" Castro4:03US$ 0.99 Buy
2Feliz NavidadPedro "Periquin" Castro4:40US$ 0.99 Buy
3Repican las CampanasPedro "Periquin" Castro4:43US$ 0.99 Buy
4Cinco para las DocePedro "Periquin" Castro4:17US$ 0.99 Buy
5Burrito de BelénPedro "Periquin" Castro4:38US$ 0.99 Buy
6Los Peces en el RíoPedro "Periquin" Castro3:45US$ 0.99 Buy
7Blanca NavidadPedro "Periquin" Castro3:33US$ 0.99 Buy
8Rodolfo el RenoPedro "Periquin" Castro2:38US$ 0.99 Buy
9Dulce Jesús MioPedro "Periquin" Castro2:39US$ 0.99 Buy
10Los Reyes MagosPedro "Periquin" Castro4:20US$ 0.99 Buy
11NavidadPedro "Periquin" Castro3:09US$ 0.99 Buy
12Santa Claus Viene a la CiudadPedro "Periquin" Castro3:10US$ 0.99 Buy
13TutainaPedro "Periquin" Castro4:36US$ 0.99 Buy
14Venid PastorcillosPedro "Periquin" Castro4:06US$ 0.99 Buy
15Noche de PazPedro "Periquin" Castro4:34US$ 0.99 Buy
Yuri Juárez
Release date: Dec. 01, 2009
Lilihouse Music
US$ 9.99
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    Name Artist Time Price  
1Cántelo UstedYuri Juárez5:22US$ 1.29 Buy
2AstorpolkaYuri Juárez4:58US$ 1.29 Buy
3GuisellaYuri Juárez5:21US$ 1.29 Buy
4Una Noche Sin TiYuri Juárez5:57US$ 1.29 Buy
5Arroz Con ConcolónYuri Juárez3:55US$ 1.29 Buy
6AcuarianaYuri Juárez7:41US$ 1.29 Buy
7InsistiréYuri Juárez3:30US$ 1.29 Buy
8Rosa Del MarYuri Juárez6:50US$ 1.29 Buy
9GraciaYuri Juárez3:11US$ 1.29 Buy
10FestejeandoYuri Juárez6:28US$ 1.29 Buy
11Mambo InfluenciadoYuri Juárez5:14US$ 1.29 Buy
12Carnaval De ArequipaYuri Juárez4:27US$ 1.29 Buy